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Math Homeschool Curriculum

The companies and publishers listed here offer commercial mathematics curricula to homeschoolers.  You will find everything from supplemental materials and manipulatives to complete curriculum packages.  Some of these companies provide printed materials, while others make materials available online through paid memberships.  For additional resources, be sure to check out our compilation of websites offering free printable math materials and interactive activities and games.

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Thinkwell Math by Sonlight
Thinkwell Math, which currently consists of a Calculus course, includes video tutorials (internet-based), comprehensive notes, animations, external links to math resources, an online glossary, and quizzes. Their interactive questions give students immediate feedback, including answers and explanations. There are unedited rough transcripts of the videos for those who prefer written text over videos.
Times Alive! Mulitiplication Software
Times Alive! makes learning multiplication facts more fun than ever. It is based on the Times Tables the Fun Way Book published by City Creek Press and teaches the zero's through the nine times tables. Click here to try an online demo or take a look at a few screenshots. Times Alive! is available for online access or on CD-ROM.
Timez Attack
 AdTimez Attack is a stunning, high-end video game just for multiplication! It's as polished as a high-end real video game, yet as effective as a top math tutor one-on-one. The built-in assessment, adaptation, and post-test research data guarantee total mastery. There's a free version and a premium version. Give it a try!

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