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History / Social Studies / Geography Software


Look here for great educational software designed to help students learn about geography and the social sciences, including history, physical and human geography, politics, and economics.  If you want to try it before you buy it, see if your local library has a copy.  (It's a great place to donate your used software, too!)

Click on a software title or image to learn more or make a purchase. Links will take you to Amazon where you can read product details and customer reviews or directly to the manufacturer's or authorized dealer's website.

United States Geography

United States GeographyUnited States Geography is a 10 CD set containing thousands of images, hours of multimedia presentations, over a thousand questions and answers, and an electronic glossary. It features the following regions: the southwest, the southeast, the northeast, the midwest, the rockies, and the west. It also features the states of Alaska, Hawaii, Florida, and Texas.

Where in the USA Is Carmen Sandiego?

Where in the USA Is Carmen Sandiego?In Where in the USA Is Carmen Sandiego? Carmen Sandiego is filching America's precious treasures. Since her latest escape she's recruited a whole new gang of villains. Save the country from Carmen's mischief by tracking her from the nation's capital all the way to Yosemite National Park.  Explore U.S. cities and states through more than 50 panoramic landscapes and experience American culture through the music of different regions along the way.  Ages 8-12.

Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

Where in the World is Carmen SandiegoHelp Acme agents Hawkins and Jules track Carmen Sandiego down by following the mysterious clues that have been left in countries all over the world. While talking to locals and gathering information to find Carmen, learn cool facts about each country you visit in this interactive game. The more you learn, the closer you get to catching Carmen and recovering the stolen Treasures of Knowledge! Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego challenges kids' knowledge of geography, history and world cultures while engaging them in a detective chase around the globe. For ages 8 and Up.

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