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Homeschool Support Groups



Below is an alphabetical list of homeschool support groups throughout Kentucky.   If you would like to add your group to our list, you will need to send us your information. To have your group information changed or removed, please contact us.

Bluegrass Homeschool Learning Cooperative

Bluegrass Homeschool Learning Cooperative (BHLC)  is a secular homeschooling group, which means it is not specifically connected with any one church or religion.  Their members come from all walks of life and belief systems and are united by a desire to educate children in a stimulating, respectful environment.   They offer support and opportunities for ALL homeschooling families and welcome all without regard to religion, race, ability/disability, or cultural belief.  Parent and child involvement is essential for growth, and they encourage all to participate in classes and activities.  Their meeting location is at the St. Michaels' Episcopal Church in Lexington, Kentucky.

Parents As Teachers in Christian Homes

Parents As Teachers in Christian Homes (PATCH) is a Kentucky homeschool support group serving McCracken and surrounding counties.  PATCH is a cooperative organization whose success requires that each member contribute time and energy to planning and implementing their activities.  They have a Yahoo group set up to distribute information and an email list to connect homeschooling families and their support groups in western Kentucky, southern Illinois, and northwest Tennessee.

Upcoming Homeschool Events

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