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Homeschool Support Groups



Below is an alphabetical list of homeschool support groups throughout Virginia.  If you would like to add your group to our list, you will need to send us your information. To have your group information changed or removed, please contact us.

Chesterfield Home Educators of Virginia

Chesterfield Home Educators of Virginia (CHEVA) is a comprehensive homeschool support group for residents of Chesterfield County and the surrounding areas. CHEVA offers online support and discussion through their Yahoo group, face-to-face support group meetings, field trip opportunities, park days, learning co-ops, newsletter and much more.  This is a non-sectarian group and welcomes those of any faith, or those of no faith, and those of any race or educational style.   They welcome all homeschoolers, regardless of the level of support they seek, whether it be just a place to ask questions, a place to meet other homeschool parents, a place to find learning and social opportunities for your children - or all of the above!

Hanover Home Schoolers

Hanover Home Schoolers is a loosely organized, inclusive support group of and for all homeschooling families. Members are from all over the region – King William to Chesterfield, Goochland to Charles City and beyond -- 12 counties and the City of Richmond at present! They welcome homeschoolers of all faiths and homeschooling styles. This Yahoo group is for the distribution of our newsletter and announcements. It is not a discussion list.

Home Educators at Grove

Home Educators at Grove is a home school support group originating from but NOT exclusive to Grove Avenue Baptist Church members. Ages of children vary from preschool to high school. Activities planned include field trips, cultural outings, school enrichment opportunities and social events. They offer a monthly meeting, where parents plan activities, share time, and listen to various topics and speakers. This is a diverse group with many ages, races, family sizes, curriculums, learning styles, interests and abilities represented. 

Ignite the Fire

Ignite the Fire is a Christian homeschool support group in Chesterfield County, Virginia.  This group offers encouragement, information, prayer, monthly support group and mothers meetings, and opportunities to join other members on field trips, playdates, park days and occasional co-op classes.

Natural Learners of the Shenandoah Valley

Natural Learners of the Shenandoah Valley (NLSV) is an inclusive support group for home educators in Shenandoah, Rockingham, Augusta, and surrounding counties. Their families gather mostly for playtime, whether it be structured or free. This Yahoo message board is both a form of mass communication for announcements and a way for newcomers to find NLSV and to learn about home education.

Richmond Area Homeschoolers

Richmond Area Homeschoolers is an active inclusive group of Richmond area homeschoolers who share ideas, organize get togethers, and offer general support.  They have regular park days and field trips and have middle school and teen groups as well as clubs.  Their annual events include a "Not Back to School Party" in September and a Spring Picnic in March. If you want to see a homeschool activity happen, then this is the place to start organizing it.

Richmond Secular

Richmond Secular is a secular Yahoo support group for homeschoolers in Virginia who choose to homeschool for academic reasons. This is a diverse group that includes Hindus, Pagans, Jews, Christians, Atheists and more. No missionizing or proselytizing is tolerated in any way.

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