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Books for Kids


Here are a few educational children's books that we recommend to compliment your homeschool program.  If you are looking for books from a particular author, you can enter his or her name in our search box to filter your search.

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The Gumshoe Archives

The Gumshoe ArchivesThe Gumshoe Archives by Robert E. Jacob

The Gumshoe Archives is an educational, supplemental living science book series for grades 3 through 6 that teaches key science concepts through engaging detective stories. Both individual books and grade level bundles are available. 

The New Way Things Work (Hardcover)

Macaulay's The New Way Things WorkThe New Way Things Work by David Macaulay

David Macaulay amusingly presents an overview of the machines and inventions that shape our lives. In this completely updated and expanded edition, Macaulay describes twelve new machines and includes more than seventy new pages detailing the latest innovations. With an entirely new section that guides us through the complicated world of digital machinery, this revised edition embraces all of the newest developments, from cars to watches.

The Star-Spangled State Book

The Star-Spangled States BookThe Star-Spangled State Book by Joel F. King

Learn about the 50 states as you travel from coast to coast. Experience the growth of a new nation, and follow the course of American history and geography through this 80 page full-color book. There is also a coordinating workbook on CD-ROM available that can turn this book into a 36 week curriculum. Grades 4 and up.

The Usborne Pocket Scientist

The Usborne Pocket ScientistThe Usborne Pocket Scientist by Susan Meredith

Whether it's the Red Book or the Blue Book, these pocket-sized guides tackle the mysteries of everyday things, from nature to science and technology. With simple text and colorful pictures, these books answer questions such as “Why do people eat?” “Where did dinosaurs go?” “Where does electricity come from?” and many more. Includes simple experiments to do at home, links to websites with online activities, experiments and free downloadable pictures. 

Time for Learning States

Time For Learning States Spiral Bound Geography BookTime for Learning States by Lynne Blanton and Betsy Hedberg

Embark on a cross-country journey! This all-American, exciting book features wheels to spin, tabs to pull, mail to open, and other fun devices to transport you all over the United States. There's something fun to learn and do in every state! Packed with facts, full-color illustrations, and activities, this interactive book makes learning a fun adventure!

Times Tables the Fun Way!

Times Tables the Fun Way!Times Tables the Fun Way! by Judy Liautaud

Each difficult fact in this spiral bound book is illustrated. Kids will remember multiplication facts by recalling stories and fun mental images. This book covers the zeros through nines. Pictures and stories are used for helping kids remember the 3, 4, 6, 7, and 8 multiplication facts. Tricks are used to teach the 1, 2, 5, and 9 multiplication facts. There is also companion software available.

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