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Magazines for Kids


Here are some fun, educational magazines published especially for kids.

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National Geographic Explorer

National Geographic ExplorerNational Geographic Explorer is a classroom magazine for grades two through six. Its pages invite students to explore the world and all that is in it. This website provides an extension to the magazine and allows students to explore in a fun, safe, online environment.

National Geographic Kids

National Geographic KidsNational Geographic Kids is an award winning magazine for children ages 6-14 that combines learning with fun. Features great stories on animals, science, technology, and awesome accomplishments of kids around the world.  There are also puzzles, games, posters and trading cards.

National Geographic Little Kids

National Geographic Little KidsNational Geographic Little Kids is designed especially for children ages 3-6!  Everything you need to help your preschooler become a bright, curious explorer can be found in the pages of National Geographic Little Kids. Captivating animal stories develop prereading and reading skills as well answer questions about kids' favorite creatures. Features about different cultures bring the world to your child and inspire a sense of understanding. Interactive experiments introduce simple science, and fun puzzles and games teach logic, counting, and so much more.

Pitara's Kids' Magazine

Pitara Kids' MagazinePitara's Kids' Magazine is a free online magazine for kids with articles on festivals, art, crafts, places and eminent people.  There is also a funny section with jokes, riddles, limericks and tongue-twisters.

Stone Soup

Stone SoupStone Soup is the literary print magazine written and illustrated by young writers and artists. It is the leading publisher of creative writing by children.

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