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Homeschooling Tips


Iamhomeschooling.com offers an abundance of resources for homeschoolers. Whether you are considering homeschooling, new to homeschooling, or a seasoned homeschooler, you will find inspiration, great tips, and helpful advice.  For information specific to homeschooling in Florida, click here.

Themed Teaching Ideas and Activities

Interactive online calendars are perfect for homeschoolers looking for themed curriculum ideas. You'll find these calendars full of links to educational websites, printable worksheets and lesson plans, games and activities, and great teaching ideas to incorporate famous people, historical events, holidays, and seasonal celebrations into your child's curriculum. Here are some of our favorite free online calendars:

Calendar of Holidays and Events by Apples4theteacher.com

Free elementary and preschool holiday teaching ideas and activities, thematic units and interactive educational games, crafts, recipes, coloring pages, poetry, short stories, puzzles, book reviews, lessons and teaching ideas for kids.

Monthly Educators' Calendars by TeacherVision.com

Find fun and educationally relevant holidays, events, and celebrations paired with teacher resources. Use the notable occasions to spark new areas of research and tap into your students' interests. There's something worth celebrating every day!

Calendars for Educators by TheTeachersCorner.net

You will find birthdays of authors, famous people, national holidays, monthly celebrations, and more.

Geography for Homeschoolers

Did you know...geography is more than just the study of our world's physical features. It's also the study of our world's people. When our children are studying physical geography, they are learning about places, landforms, waterways and climate. When they are studying human geography, they are learning about cultures, social and environmental interactions, and political and economic issues and developments.


Try to incorporate geography into your children's curriculum every opportunity you get. Break out the globe, get our your world atlas, and make use of that United States place mat you bought way back when.  And, of course, the World Wide Web makes it easier than ever to get a picturesque glance at the variety of cultures and lands around the globe.

Making Geography Fun

If your kids are in the process of learning geographical locations, here are a few hands-on ideas to make it fun.

  • Make a paper mache globe or relief map. We found some great how-tos on Kaboose and Hodgepodge.
  • Toss an inflatable globe. Each time the ball is caught, have your child name the country (or continent) under his or her right thumb! Need one? Find on on Amazon.
  • Put puzzles together, together! There is nothing like a little quite time piecing together puzzles. You will find a great selection of puzzles on Amazon.
  • Play a game! Play a few fun geography-based card games and board games.

Free Online Resources

Need help? Here are a few helpful comprehensive geography websites.

Don't forget to see our geography resources section for links to more online resources and curriculum ideas!

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