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Iamhomeschooling.com offers an abundance of resources for homeschoolers. Whether you are considering homeschooling, new to homeschooling, or a seasoned homeschooler, you will find inspiration, great tips, and helpful advice. You'll find information about homeschooling in Florida here.

Team Sports

{TEAM SPORTS}Many public schools allow homeschoolers to participate in team sports. Some states even have laws in place requiring public schools to include homeschoolers. But, participating in team sports may also require your child to participate in standardized testing, take a specific course of study, and/or be fully vaccinated. If you object to any of the foregoing, there are alternatives. If you are fortunate enough to live in an area with an established homeschool team, join them! If not, perhaps you could form one of your own. You can also look for state and community youth sports associations and youth group organizations.  And let's not forget personal sports like swimming, martial arts, gymnastics, and dance. Personal sports are great alternatives to team sports.

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