Florida Homeschool Curriculum


Below is an alphabetical list of homeschool curriculum publishers and schools offering curriculum tailored to homeschoolers in Florida.  For additional curriculum providers, see our list of nationally recognized providers.  If you are looking for particular books or homeschool supplies, see our Curriculum Resources section.  For a list of retail stores near you, click here.

Arts A Blaze Studio

Arts A Blaze Studio is a Paint Your Own Pottery Studio in Lakewood Ranch, Florida. From pottery and canvas painting to glass fusing, they customize events to fit homeschoolers' needs. They serve both homeschool groups and individual homeschoolers.

Christian College Preparatory Center

Christian College Preparatory Center is a ministry focused on preparing students to excel in college and beyond, contribute to their communities, to lead in a changing society, and grow spiritually. At CCPC, students will attend a physical campus where teachers interact with students online, while campus-based “Learning Coaches” help guide students through Connections Education’s comprehensive online middle and high school curriculum or any other online program that the student is enrolled. CCPC is located in Orlando.

Class Source

Class Source is a non-profit class program assisting home educating parents to fulfill their responsibilities by locating and securing qualified independent instructors to enrich individual home education programs through lecture and interactive group classes, course work pacing, and accountability. Class Source strives to “equip, edify, and educate” as needed among the home school community in the Tampa Bay area. Class Source also assists parents by providing a community environment in which to interact with like-minded families, engage in small group activities, and form meaningful, God glorifying community connections.

Classical Conversations Tampa Central

Classical Conversations Tampa Central offers weekly supplemental academic programs taught using the classical model within a biblical world view. They provide a committed Christian community of structure and support, along with great fellowship for the students and parents. (Classical Conversations is a nationwide network of classical, Christian communities providing academic programs, events, and services to local home school communities, parents, and educators.)

Florida Calvert Partner Schools

Florida Calvert Partner Schools (FCPS) offers the world-renowned Calvert School curriculum tuition-free to Florida students in Kindergarten through Fifth Grade. FCPS is a statewide consortium of Florida school districts that have partnered with Calvert School to support their virtual school programs.  FCPS students learn and grow through a blend of traditional and 21st century resources. Calvert provides FCPS students with not only a proven curriculum, but also expert instructional support systems and online, interactive resources designed to encourage academic excellence.

Florida Virtual School (FLVS)

Florida Virtual School (FLVS) offers full and part-time options for homeschooled and private schooled students in grades 6-12.   Florida residents take courses at no cost; non-Florida residents take courses based on tuition rates.  Students may take one or more (up to six) courses with FLVS as a supplemental solution while homeschooling or while enrolled at a private school (provided the private school has an affiliation agreement with FLVS). Students enrolled in this program are not required to participate in state mandated assessments and are not issued diplomas.

Florida Virtual School Full Time (FLVS FT)

Florida Virtual School Full Time (FLVS FT) (formerly known as Florida Connections Academy) is a K–12 virtual public school that is approved by the Florida Department of Education and the Florida Legislature. FLVS FT serves students in grades K–12.  Students enrolled in the FLVS FT Public Program take standard public school courses, follow the typical academic calendar, attend classes regularly, and must participate in state-mandated assessments (FCAT, EOC).  Students who graduate from the FLVS FT Public Program receive diplomas.

Gulf Coast Homeschool Fine Arts

Gulf Coast Homeschool Fine Arts (GCHFA) is Christian non-profit organization that provides Concert Band and String Orchestra programs to homeschool students on Florida's Gulf Coast.  GCHFA exists to provide excellent fine arts programs and instruction for homeschool students to develop their talents and maximize their potential in order to bring glory to God and minister to others.