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Florida Homeschool Evaluators and Test Administrators


Below is an alphabetical list of homeschool evaluators throughout Florida.  Choosing an evaluator is a personal decision and we encourage you to shop around and ask other homeschoolers in your area who they recommend. For tips on choosing an evaluator, please read How to Choose a Homeschool Evaluator.  For information on your evaluation options, read Florida Homeschool Evaluations. If you are a homeschool evaluator and would like to be included in our directory, please send us your information. If you need to have your information changed or removed, please contact us.

If you know the name of the evaluator you're looking for, you can select him or her from the box below.  To view the certification status of any Florida teacher, please visit the Florida Department of Education's Educator Certification Lookup page.

DeFroscia, Carol

Evaluator:Carol DeFroscia 
Contact Information: Phone: (954)348-4333 • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Certification(s): Elementary Education 1-6, English 5-9, Media Specialist Pk-12, Gifted Endorsed 
Qualifications & Experience: BA Ed. Florida Atlantic University;  Master degrees in Library and Information Science from Drexel University; Broward County teacher for 18 years - I have developed tutorials for the state, written curriculum for online schools for the asynchronous student. I have written and evaluated standardized test questions for grades 1-12 in Math and ELA. I have written questions for online platforms such as NewsELA.   I also possess a vast amount of experience with ALL types/personalities of students and am Gifted Endorsed. 
What to Expect at Your Evaluation: I use a relaxed approach that eases the anxiety of both student/s and parent/s. I evaluate the student's educational progress upon review of the portfolio and discussion with both student/s and parent/s. Parents are strongly recommended to attend the discussion. 
Location(s): Broward County/Online through WebEx 
Cost: $35 first student; $30 each additional student 

Eason, Samantha

Evaluator:Samantha Eason
Contact Information: Phone: (407) 925-7140 • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Website
Certification(s): M.Ed Certified in K-12 Art
Qualifications & Experience: I hold a M.Ed in Teaching and Learning from Southeastern University with a BA in Studio Art from Rollins college. As a fellow homeschooling mom and prior art teacher, I know that busy parents, especially with little ones in tow, want simple and straightforward portfolio evaluations. In addition to being state certified for 9 years, I take college level ed courses for professional development. Before entering the teaching field, I spent five years in the test prep and higher education field as Assistant Director of Enrollment Services. I am unschooling friendly and ready to meet your family!
What to Expect at Your Evaluation: Evaluations can take place in your home, my home, a public space or over the internet if you have access to Skype. I'm there to discuss the past year's coursework with the student and to evaluate whether progress has been made. Parents should have an activity log that is written contemporaneously throughout the year as well as a list of the student's reading materials. I'd like to see a few samples of work from the beginning, middle and end of the year that you feel displays the progress your child or children have made. I'm open to viewing online video portfolios, pictures, blogs, virtual coursework - anything! As an evaluator, I am not there to test the student on knowledge, but to evaluate the portfolio itself in a stress-free environment.
Location(s): Lakeland and surrounding Polk County as well as Orange county for in person evaluations. Cyber Evaluations for the entire state of Florida.
Cost: In person evaluations are $30 per student, $25 per sibling. Cyber evaluations are $25 per student, $15 per sibling

Egan, Sara

Evaluator:Sara Egan 
Contact Information: Phone: (239) 848-9804 • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Certification(s): Elementary Education K-6, English 5-9
Qualifications & Experience: I have 5 years classroom teaching experience.  Since then I have maintained my certification and I have been homeschooling my own children for the past several years.
What to Expect at Your Evaluation: I am friendly towards many educational styles, including "unschooling."  Evaluations will vary depending on individual homeschooling methods, but normally I examine work done by the student at different points in a school year (often a portfolio), have a conversation with the student, and casually speak to the families.  Students will NOT be tested.
Location(s): Fort Myers, Lee County
Cost: $25 for one child, $10 each additional, open to some negotiation for larger families.

Elfenbein, Karen

Evaluator:Karen Elfenbein
Contact Information: Phone: (954) 829 2822 • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Certification(s): Florida Professional Elementary 1-6, Gifted and ESOL Endorsed, expires 2016
Qualifications & Experience: 19 years teaching experience, MS in Education
What to Expect at Your Evaluation: Portfolio review and one-on-one assessments (if requested), based on student/family needs. I will ask your child some questions and perhaps ask him or her to read for me, if applicable.
Location(s): Located in Plantation, Florida. Servicing surrounding areas.
Cost: $50

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