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Florida Umbrella Schools


Look here for umbrella schools (also called "600" schools, cover schools, and church schools) registered in Florida.  If you would like to add your school to our list, please send us your information. To have your information changed or removed, please contact us.

To learn more about umbrella schools, please see What Is an Umbrella School? and Home School vs. Private (Umbrella) School. To learn about our school, visit us at  www.aspiringheightsacademy.com.

River of Life Academy

River of Life Academy is a ministry of River of Life Church located in Oviedo, Florida. They provide support to homeschooling families within their church and community. They provide maintenance of records, teacher and student ID cards, and annual report cards along with an umbrella covering. Families with River of Life Academy have the freedom to choose their own curriculum and set their own schedule. For more information, please call their office at (407) 365-5557 or contact them via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Salt Academy

Salt Academy is a K-8 private school located in Boca Raton that offers support for homeschoolers through certified teacher instruction, expeditionary learning, and a comfortable learning setting.  They provide testing if requested, report cards, and annual student evaluations.

Schola Classical Academy

Schola Classical Academy is a Charlotte County private school registered with the Florida Department of Education's Office of Independent Education & Parental Choice, offering an "umbrella" option for home educators. They provide accountability and record keeping services while allowing families the freedom to customize curricula to students' needs.

The Bridge Sarasota

The Bridge Sarasota, is a non-traditional private school and an optional K-12 homeschool program. Students do not need to attend The Bridge Sarasota homeschool program to be enrolled and students who attend classes at The Bridge Sarasota do not need to be enrolled in the umbrella school.

The Oaks Private School

The Oaks Private School is a K-12, Florida registered school serving homeschooling families throughout the United States. They are regionally accredited by the Northwest Accreditation Commission (NWAC), one of the 6 regional accrediting agencies approved by the US Dept. of Education. The Oaks provides you with academic, administrative, and accountability covering, giving peace of mind while you educate your child in that wholesome and loving environment where learning is a natural part of everyday life; your home.

TriStrands Academy

TriStrands Academy is an umbrella school serving all grade levels - specializing in middle and high school.  They provide testing, transcripts, diplomas, and guidance for special needs students, including those who are gifted and those with specific learning disabilities.

UMBRELLA Free Virtual Private School

UMBRELLA Free Virtual Private School was founded on the idea that education should be free, not only of monetary barriers, but of institutional walls as well. There are no costs or fees, just free enrollment and free curriculum. They cover the state requirements enabling you to homeschool your children your way and provide help to successfully homeschool. This is a registered K-12 Florida school, open to all counties. Open enrollment year round.

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