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Florida Umbrella Schools


Look here for umbrella schools (also called "600" schools, cover schools, and church schools) registered in Florida.  If you would like to add your school to our list, please send us your information. To have your information changed or removed, please contact us.

To learn more about umbrella schools, please see What Is an Umbrella School? and Home School vs. Private (Umbrella) School. To learn about our school, visit us at  www.aspiringheightsacademy.com.

Applewood Private Education

Applewood Private Education was developed with you in mind. Their staff are certified teachers and professionals who have homeschooled their own children. Enrollment is open year round to children ages 5-18. They offer a full range of services to aid you in the education of your child.

Atrium School

Atrium School exists to support and facilitate family based learning as an educational choice. Atrium School is a private school offering two distinct enrollment programs-independent study and fully enrolled.

Central Christian Academy

Central Christian Academy is classified as a private school for grades 1-12 with the Florida Department of Education. They function as a private Christian school, assisting parents who are involved in teaching their children in classrooms at home in Florida and across the USA.  Their services include the maintenance of permanent transcripts, counsel to parents on how to instruct student, and monitoring of student progress.

Cheerful Heart Academy

Cheerful Heart Academy is a non-traditional private school serving as an umbrella for home educated students in the state of Florida. They are registered with the Florida Department of Education as a private non-public school.  Cheerful Heart Academy's purpose is to provide parents with the structured organization and accountability of a school while they enjoy the benefits of teaching at home. Cheerful Heart Academy does not provide transcripts, grades, curriculum, or testing. Enrollment is accepted year round.

Crossroads Christian School

Crossroads Christian School is a private, non-profit school located in Florida and is fully recognized by the Florida Department of Education.  Crossroads provides accountability, support, curriculum counseling, transfer of records, maintenance of transcripts, identification cards, semester or annual report cards, accredited high school diploma, and more.

Descartes Academy

The Descartes Academy is an umbrella school that provides curriculum guidance, annual evaluations, transcripts and diplomas while still allowing students the freedom to learn about what they love!  The Descartes Academy is a private school registered with the Florida Department of Education school number 5435, providing year-round support and activities for youth in grades K-12.

Education Revolution

Education Revoltutionis a private school registered with the state of Florida, and provides services to K-12 students. Beyond attendance, the school also provide testing, transcripts and report cards. The director is a certified educator that plans creative lessons, workshops, and field trips. Education Revolution pride itself on being a forward thinking educational alternative that is flexible to meet the needs of students and families.

Florida Unschoolers

Florida Unschoolers is a free (yes, really) private umbrella school for unschoolers and other homeschoolers in Florida. It is listed at the Florida Department of Education website in the Directory of Private Schools under Martin County. There are no fees or tuition for Florida Unschoolers.

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