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Florida Homeschool Support Groups


Below is an alphabetical list of homeschool support groups throughout Florida.  If you would like to narrow your search to groups in your area, please enter your county in the search box. If you would like to add your group to our list, you will need to send us your information. To have your group information changed or removed, please contact us.

Florida Keys sUnschoolers

Florida Keys sUnschoolers is a group for homeschoolers in the Lower Florida Keys to chat, find support, meet others and for those looking for information about homeschooling. They meet once a week for park days, have monthly field trips and meet for board games. They also organize yearly science, geography and history fairs, etc. (Monroe)

Gaia Homeschoolers

Gaia Homeschoolers is an all-inclusive homeschool group that is tolerant, accepting, and open-minded towards all homeschooling philosophies and life styles. Their dual purpose is to provide interaction for our children and parent support. They offer a monthly gathering, field trips, and anything else parents want to make happen. (Sarasota, Manatee, Charlotte, Hardee, Lee)

Godly Rearing Achieved Through Christian Education

Godly Rearing Achieved Through Christian Education: (386) 935-5336, (386) 935-4555, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Gilchrist, Suwannee, Dixie, Alachua)

Grace Home School

Grace Home School is a homeschool support group ministry that is hosted by Grace World Outreach Church in Brooksville, Florida. It is the goal of GRACE to give children the opportunity to interact with other Christian home schooled children. They offer educational support through group events and a weekly co-op program (please see their website for more information. You may be a part of the support group without joining the co-op program. (Hernando, Sumter, Pasco)

Gulf Coast Secular Homeschoolers

Gulf Coast Secular Homeschoolers is a diverse homeschool group, appreciating all home educators of all educational approaches, races, and beliefs. Their objective is to share homeschooling knowledge and its related topics in a respectful and non-threatening manner.  They provide educational and social opportunities and information for those families in the Gulf Coast area including Gulfport, Biloxi, Pascagoula, and Pensacola. (Greene, George, Harrison, Washington, Escambia, Mobile, Baldwin)

Gulfcoast Homeschool Association

Gulfcoast Homeschool Association (GCHSA) is an association of families who have chosen to educate their children at home.  They meet on a regular basis to discuss homeschooling, share common concerns, and provide fellowship.  Member families cooperatively volunteer to organize the association’s educational and social activities.  This is an inclusive group.  They welcome all families regardless of their religious or political views, educational or parenting philosophies and personal lifestyle choices. (Charlotte, Hendry, Lee)

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