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Submit a Homeschool Event

If you have arranged or know of a public homeschool event and would like us to help spread the word, we would be happy to include it on our calendar. Please send us the event information as outlined below. If the event is ongoing–occurs weekly, biweekly, or monthly regularly throughout the year, we may add the event to our homeschool programs section.

Please note that the event must be open to all homeschooling families.

Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. us the following information (copy and paste):

  1. Name of Event
  2. Event Description
  3. Event Location
  4. Event Website (if any)
  5. Additional Contact Information (required if there is no website)
  6. Start Date
  7. End Date
  8. Days (e.g., Mon Tue Wed) or Dates Event Occurs (if multiple day event)
  9. All Day Event? (Yes/No)
  10. Start Time (unless all day event)
  11. End Time (unless all day event)
  12. Your Name (not published)
If your event is ongoing and you would like it to be included in our homeschool programs section, you do not need to include specific dates or event times.

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