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Virtual Field Trips

Do you want to add a little hands-on technology to your child's curriculum? Take a virtual tour!  Learn about places, people, and things around the globe without leaving the comfort of your own home.

Many of these tours require Adobe Flash Player.  You'll want to be sure you have the latest version installed.
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Dairy Farming Today Virtual Tour
Experience life on the farm like you've never seen it before. Video footage guides you through each corner of the dairy, including cows giving birth and environmental practices that help grow healthy crops for cows to enjoy.
Dangerous Decibels Virtual Exhibit
This is a collection of games, demonstrations and activities that will answer three important questions: What are the sources of dangerous sounds? What are the effects of listening to dangerous sounds? How do I protect myself from dangerous sounds? The Virtual Exhibit is based on the Dangerous Decibels exhibit at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry in Portland, Oregon.
Edo - Tokyo, Japan - Virtual Tour
A virtual tour of Edo, the ancient name for Japan's present day capital Tokyo. This tour describes the history of Japan's greatest city. See beautiful ukiyoe images and learn more about Japanese history, Japanese culture and Japanese traditions.
Egypt Virtual Tours
Egypt is known as one of the greatest civilizations of the past and you can virtually visit Egypt through this wide selection of virtual tours. When you are done, learn its history here: http://www.egyptvoyager.com/history.htm
Exploring Life's Origins Virtual Exhibit
Exploring Life's Origins includes: A Timeline of Life's Evolution, Understanding the RNA World, and Building a Protocell. This website is part of a multimedia exhibit at the Museum of Science that includes live presentations on the Current Science & Technology stage and a touch-screen kiosk.
Fermilab Virtual Tour
This virtual tour will help you get acquainted with what they at Fermilab, the only U.S. laboratory dedicated to high-energy physics. Their mission is to discover what the universe is made of and how it works.
Ford's Theatre - Virtual Tour
Take a virtual tour of Ford’s Theatre, experiencing it as if you were there in Washington, D.C. Look closely at artifacts from the Ford's Theatre Museum that shed light on the assassination and that fateful night.
Fossil Halls Virtual Tour by the American Museum of Natural History
Continue the story of vertebrate evolution with the single largest collection of real dinosaur fossils in the world when you take virtual tours of the Hall of Saurischian Dinosaurs and the Hall of Ornithischian Dinosaurs. Complete the story of vertebrate evolution through the Hall of Primitive Mammals and the Hall of Advanced Mammals.
Glacier National Park Virtual field Trip
Learn how to interpret alpine glacial landscapes, including landform identification, geomorphic processes and glacial history, using information from photos, maps, surficial deposits, volcanic ash, stream flow and other data. Glacier National Park provides the backdrop for learning landscape interpretation.
Grand Canyon River Archeology Virtual Tour
A virtual tour of archaeological excavations along the Colorado River in Grand Canyon National Park. These archaeological sites were excavated by archaeologists, exposing them for a few days or weeks during which time these images were taken. Immediately after excavation, the sites were reburied to protect them from further damage from exposure to the elements and possible damage from visitation. This tour is now the only way to experience these places where people once lived.
Historic Westville
Take a virtual tour of Historic Westville, Georgia. Historic buildings, which were collected by Colonel John West and later purchased and moved to Lumpkin, Georgia, has grown into over 30 on 83 acres of land. The newly created village was named Westville in honor of Col. John Word West.
Inca Trail and Machu Picchu
A short illustrated guide to the Inca Trail, a hiking route through the mountains near Cuzco, Peru, leading to the Inca city of Machu Picchu.
Interactive Tour of Ellis Island
This content resource is an interactive tour of Ellis Island. Students can explore different rooms in the main building at Ellis Island, and can view original photographs, listen to audio, or watch video.
John Muir Nature Trail Virtual Tour
This is an interactive presentation of the John Muir Nature Trail in Van Cortlandt Park in the Bronx. The tour highlights key points of interest along the 1.7 mile trail.
Kennedy Center Virtual Tour
Here you can enjoy 360 degree views of the theaters, lounges, and other public areas of the Kennedy Center. (Please note that these tours contain large files—you may experience increased download times.)
Kitt Peak National Observatory Virtual Tour
The National Science Foundation's Kitt Peak National Observatory has a virtual tour that presents the history and scientific achievements of Kitt Peak, the first national observatory of the United States, as well as the beauty of the mountain. There are engaging astronomical images and explanations of research programs conducted at the observatory.
Lincoln Memorial Interactive
Experience a virtual walk through of the memorial and listen to park rangers share their reflections on the memorial and its history.
Louvre Virtual Tour
Visit the Lourve museum's exhibition rooms and galleries, contemplate the façades of the Louvre....Come along on a virtual tour and enjoy the view, thanks to the sponsorship of Shiseido.
Mapping Colonial America by Colonial Williamsburg
Explore colonial maps from Colonial Williamsburg's collection in an online exhibition that includes maps dated from 1587 to 1782. The online exhibition looks at maps relating to colonial discovery, exploration, boundary disputes, navigation, trade, the French and Indian War, and the Revolutionary War. The exhibition features a zooming tool allowing a close look at map details, a glossary of terms, and a timeline of major events in history that occurred near the date a particular map was drawn.
Mount Vernon Virtual Mansion Tour
Take a virtual tour of George Washington's Mount Vernon Estate and Gardens. Includes both Flash and Non-Flash versions.

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