Summer Reading Incentive Programs

Does your child enjoy reading but need a little push to get into a good book? Then take a look at these summer reading incentive programs that might just spark your child's interest. If you find yourself missing the deadlines, keep them in mind for next year. These programs are usually offered every summer. This information is updated annually, so be sure to visit this page again next summer.

2022 Summer Reading Programs Coming Soon

Something to Consider

Not everyone agrees that children should be rewarded for reading. Some argue that offering children incentives to read encourages them to read for the reward—not for the love of reading. Children rewarded for reading a set number of books may read books that are short and easy, children rewarded for reading books that don't interest them may read them without any thought, and children rewarded for reading for a set amount of time may sit with the same book for (what seems like) hours without ever reading a thing. Once you have signed your child up for a summer reading program (or two), get involved. Make sure reading is something your child looks forward to. Consider offering book suggestions based on your child's interests (or ask your librarian for help), and assist them in reaching their summer reading goals.
  • Published 05 June 2016
  • Updated 09 January 2022

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