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Brianne Andrews

Certifications and Endorsements


Qualifications and Experience

Bachelor's Degree in Middle Grades Education. I have over 10 years experience in education, guiding and supporting families in their educational journey. I also completed a Homeschool Evaluator Training at The Banyan House, Homeschool South Florida.

What to Expect at Your Evaluation

For cyber or mailed portfolios, you can submit your portfolio electronically or mail a copy to me. We can then have a video conference, or just talk via phone. I will then email you the documentation you need to submit to your local district office within 24 hours. Originals can also be mailed. For in person evaluations, I send an information sheet to get to know the student(s) a little before we meet and a portfolio checklist for parents. We meet at your preferred location. Very informal.

Area(s) Served

Duval County

Evaluation Option(s)

In Person


$20 online/mail
$30 in person
$20 siblings


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