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All About Homeschooling
What homeschooling is, why people do it, issues parents face, and how to get started.

Homeschool Laws

Laws for all 50 States

Laws governing home education in your state and your rights as a homeschooling parent.


Free Resources

For Parents and Students

Links to websites offering free printed, downloadable, and online resources and materials.


State Directory

Local Services and Programs

Support groups, schools, co-ops, homeschool programs, evaluators, retail stores, and more.


Homeschool Catalog

Homeschool Products and Services

Curriculum, supplemental materials, educational software and games, science kits, homeschool services, and more.



Homeschool Assessments
Free placement tests, standardized achievement tests, college placement practice tests, and more.

Homeschool Events

Special Events Calendar

Special homeschool programs, book fairs, conventions, and conferences near you.


Free Printables

Download Archive

Homeschool forms, manipulatives, worksheets, games, organizers, and more!


Homeschooling in Florida

Just for you!

A special compilation of articles and resources for homeschoolers in Florida.

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