Why Families Homeschool

There are many reasons parents avoid or take their children out of traditional public and private schools. Some feel that their children are not being challenged academically or that they are being left behind; some move around a lot due to job relocations, military assignments, or traveling; some are concerned about drugs and violence; some want to incorporate their religious beliefs in their children's schoolwork; yet others don't agree with common core curriculum or standardized testing. There are other reasons, too!

The graph below shows the top reasons parents chose to homeschool in response to a survey by the National Household Education Surveys Program in 2016.

Parents' Reasons for Homeschooling Their Children (in percentages), by reasons parents gave as important and most important
Circle Graph of Reasons for Homeschooling based on 2016 NCES Survey
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While families have their own personal reasons for choosing home education, we believe there is one reason homeschoolers share: to give their children a quality education in a caring environment.

  • Published 07 September 2009
  • Updated 09 January 2022

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